Ann M. Delehant, Education Consultant in Webster, New York

Experienced Consultant, Facilitator,
Coach, Leader of Learning,
Agent of System-Wide Change & Builder of Internal Capacity

Ann DelehantAnn Delehant is an experienced facilitator, learning leader and agent of system-wide change. Ann’s current work focuses on improving learning and achievement for all students by…

  1. Building a more collaborative culture with all key stakeholders
  2. Developing leaders at all levels
  3. Facilitating the work of teams as they strive to make significant decisions
  4. Ensuring that professional learning communities maintain focus on student success by making excellent use of available time for team learning
  5. Reviewing and auditing schools and programs to provide important feedback to leaders who want to improve practice.  Conduct interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders, gather evidence, identify the emerging themes and prepare summary reports identifying strengths/successes and challenges/opportunities.
  6. Designing and facilitating professional learning programs
  7. Supporting the work of instructional coaches and coaching programs in schools and districts
  8. Supporting the development and implementation of teacher evaluation and professional learning systems that have the intention of improving teacher and administrator quality

Ann is committed to building internal capacity, strengthening collaborative cultures, facilitating data driven decision-making procedures ensuring the inclusion of many voices, developing teams, and facilitating systems change.

Ann is a member of The Dolan Team, a management-labor consulting firm that specializes in deep systemic change.  Ann is a consultant with the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC), an organization that builds collaborative structures, processes and cultures with and among key educational stakeholders, including labor and management, to transform educational systems to continuously improve learning and achievement for all students. Ann is a senior consultant for Learning Forward (formerly National Staff Development Council), the professional organization committed to ensuring success for all students by applying high standards for professional learning for all educators.  She also works as a consultant for AASA, the School Superintendent’s Association. Ann is on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Center for Educational Leadership program focused on Distributed Leadership.

Ann has other notable state and national affiliations.  She served as a Trustee of Learning Forward (formerly National Staff Development Council) and was a founding member of Learning Forward New York.  She received the NSDC Distinguished Service Award in 1996.  She was a founding member of Coaching School Results.

Ann is the author of Making Meetings Work (2006), co-published by Corwin and Learning Forward.  She wrote Chapter 2 Introductions: Systems in the 3rd edition of Powerful Designs for Professional Learning, edited by Lois Brown Easton.  Delehant and Associates is a recognized Woman Owned Business (WOB) in New York State.